Add Value

Case Study

A Regional Benefit Consulting Firm focused on small and mid-sized clients.

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 1990
  • Clients: 200
  • Avg. Client Size: 150 persons


The challenge was to reduce the amount of administration required to support the clients, including eligibility, enrollments, communication delivery, and data gathering. Plan design, financial impact, measurement, survey, wellness, and consumer-driven education all needed to be at the forefront the company’s focus.

They had to differentiate themselves from commodity brokers and show value as a business partner that plans, consults, and brings efficiency to improve the bottom line and employee experiences by:

  • Automating eligibility, enrollment, reporting, and carrier feeds
  • Better communicating plan information and value to employees
  • Reducing cost of plan administration so that we could focus resources on strategic services
  • Simplifying billing reconciliation processes, particularly the burden allocation
  • Running real-time surveys and reports by stratified by demographics to enhance plan design


ExponentHR provides the company’s clients with a seamless solution for eligibility, enrollment, employee communication, carrier file transfers, and financial and census reporting…all as part of a single platform for payroll, benefits, and HR. Every benefit transaction that affects payroll is seamless and transparent, and vice versa.


The annual open enrollment process is seamless. The system automatically communicates plan information, eligibility, and enrollment windows to employees. They enroll from work, home, or the road. We have complete visibility to the transactions during the open enrollment window, the data flows directly to payroll, the carriers automatically receive all changes…its very slick, very efficient, and very accurate. And, New-hire Enrollment and Life Events are handled through wizards…no more phone calls particularly about missed dates.

The Account Executive can login into the system with secure credentials and run surveys, pull data, generate census reports throughout the year and work with the executive team to design plans and manage cost.

Our focus has completely changed…we use to spend a majority of our time administering paperwork and putting out fires, now we help design plans, audit/analyze results, and bring strategic value to our business partners and clients.

In the past, the majority of our clients used one of the common payroll vendors in the marketplace. They saw payroll and benefits as two separate functions, handled separately.

They would identify and evaluate vendors with benefit eligibility and enrollment tools, and then pay to have someone create data connections to payroll and carriers.

The majority of HR/benefit groups within our clients have little access to internal IT resources and don’t want to spend their time focused on technology infrastructure.

More importantly, they had little access to financial impact information, and pulling census data was a time consuming task.