Empower Employees

Case Study

Health services company that partners with nephrologists in local clinics nationwide and provides dialysis services related to end-stage renal disease.

Quick Facts

  • Industry: Health Services
  • Serving: HQ, 28 Clinics
  • Employees: 600
  • Business Stage: Fast growth through acquisition


In April of 2006, a new VP of Human Resources found that the company had limited HR functions in place with no HRIS (Human Resources Information System) to streamline transactions and generate meaningful data to manage the workforce.

In addition, the company had just completed its first large acquisition, nearly doubling its size from 130 employees to more than 250. The acquisition was even more challenging than expected because there was no access to historical data, established processes, or technology to support all the locations. Everything was paper-based, from timesheets to benefit enrollments. With additional acquisitions approaching, the VP of HR found herself focused on employee recruiting and retention, instead of strategy and management.

The company soon embarked on another acquisition. In July of 2006, it integrated eight Fort Worth area clinics into the business model. The employees of those clinics were leased through a PEO (Professional Employer Organization). When those 150 people finally became actual employees of the company, there was no integration of all the HR administrative work.


While working at her previous organization, the VP of HR had seen many systems demonstrated, but after the first meeting with ExponentHR representatives, she did not need to see anything more. She thought “This is the system I have dreamed of having in my 20-something years in HR – it really does exist!” When she came on board with the new company, she immediately set to work on showing the CEO and CFO the need for ExponentHR in the organization.


The company went live on ExponentHR in May of 2007. The biggest impact has been the switch from paper to electronic. There is no more shuffling paper from one department to the next and no more faxing. In some cases HR is not even involved in areas such as an employee’s PTO request or a manager approving his department’s time clock.

Needless to say, the employees love it…

This is the system I dreamed of having for the last 20 years in HR. It really does exist!

Employees love being able to see their information on-line, from work, home, or on the road. Everything from Pay Stubs and PTO Balances to Benefit Enrollments and Total Comp Statements. This is the single portal that provides everything employees need when they wish to view information or initiate self-managed transactions.

Before ExponentHR, the HR staff was burdened with manual processes and ad minutia. Administrators kept track of critical data on paper or in Excel spreadsheets. With ExponentHR, there is no more paper shuffling and everyone has access to real-time data.

~VP of Human Resources