Reduce Cost

Case Study

A Transportation and Logistics firm with operations in 3 states, delivering services and goods to all 50 states.

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 1987
  • Employees: 1100
  • Locations: California, Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania


The challenge was to reduce the cost of administration required to support the drivers and dock personnel, as well as the distributed sales force. Over the years, and through several acquisitions, they were managing 3 different payroll systems, two different benefit technologies, 4 different pseudo HR databases, a handful of timekeeping systems. Half of our operations staff was dedicated to data entry for job sheets and other administrative paperwork, and we had almost no access to the actual data.

The HR team wanted a true HRIS, the Accounting group wanted a single new payroll system, Operations wanted a system to track al of the drivers and dock employees, including certifications/licenses, variable pay rates, piece rates, and union affiliations. After two years of departmental in-fighting, RFPs, and budget cuts, they were no closer to a solution. They needed something quick. They would start with finding a payroll system, but knowing they would also need systems to :

  • Capture activities and variable cost by driver, load/piece, job code, contract, client, route, etc.
  • Track personnel and qualifications in a real-time database, accessible from the internet
  • Find a way to enter data once at the source and have it flow through all systems
  • Establish a cost effective communication portal for drivers and distributed workers
  • Reduce the number of back office personnel and disparate systems required to pay and bill
  • Automate tax compliance for each state and locality through the cost allocation of jobs
  • Allow the distributed employees to enroll in benefits from wherever they were
  • Give the HR team all of the information and workflow they needed to focus on strategy


What started off as a search for a single payroll system, evolved into a search for a robust information system that could meet the needs of HR, Payroll & Tax, Accounting, and Operations. Not only did ExponentHR completely automate the time capture and data flow to accounting, it provided access to all of the related tracking information and transactions, eliminating all of the data re-entry and need for integration and special reporting programs.

ExponentHR provided a single web-based application to solve for payroll, benefits, HR, time capture, communications, and cost accounting. The solution would provide self-service for every manager and employee, easy access to stratified data, and allow the organization to reduce and repurpose staff from administrative duties to strategic projects.


Employees are empowered with anywhere, anytime access to information and tools. Managers can make daily decisions based on real data. The HR team is focused on talent assessment, performance measures, resource planning to accommodate new acquisitions.

The Operations team can now measure true cost and resource requirements at any point in time and the drivers and dock personnel receive regular communications through their personal website.

Satisfaction is up, costs are down.

I can now tell you the exact cost of loading, moving, and unloading any job. More importantly, I can tell you what our cost will be before the end of the week.

I can even tell you how many drivers we have available, what they’re licensed to carry in each state, and what their rate is…and I can tell you in a matter of seconds, not days.

Our drivers don’t have to call our service center and dispatchers at all hours of the night with questions…the answers are on the web, and they all have access to the web.

~VP Operations